Beware of services in exchange for equity

Johanna RobinsonFinance, Legal

It seems like a great idea, and we have heard many many stories of people who have tested this model. But it usually does not end well. First, let’s clarify. It’s a great idea to have a technical co-founder and equity should be allocated equitably. But it’s not a great idea to give equity to people who are providing one-time … Read More

What’s the deal with confidentiality agreements?

Johanna RobinsonFinance, Legal, Product

On our most recent episode of Tech School, I spoke about legal basics for startup founders, and we touched briefly on confidentiality agreements. On the list of most-common-questions-we-get-asked are questions about confidentiality. Here’s our take on two aspects. 1. Should you worry about someone stealing your idea? No, you should not. 99.9999999% of people have better things to do than … Read More