Perfect is the enemy of good

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“Perfect is the enemy of good” Voltaire I’ve heard my brother (a Google engineer) say this so often that I thought it was a Google adage. Turns out, the French writer and public activist Voltaire quoted an Italian proverb in one of his poems. Reflecting on my most recent Tech School talk, I was thinking about this idea in the … Read More

Three Powerful Resources to Help with Your Billboard Slide

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Fōkcus used to host a weekly program called “City Highlights” at Apple stores in San Diego and Los Angeles to help startups on a variety of topics including pitch decks. Each week, a different founder would pitch to a group of 8 to 10 mentors, and then get feedback from the mentors. A significant portion of the feedback would be … Read More

Building a brand is underestimated.

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Building a brand is underestimated. A strong brand is a force to be reckoned with. It reinforces who you are, and what makes you or your company unique. For a startup or business, a brand can transcend the impact of a one single person, like a founder. Take Apple for example. Steve Jobs had a tremendous impact on Apple’s brand. … Read More