The 7 Amazing Questions Every Business Must Answer

Steven HollandProduct, Sales, Strategy

Our team at Fokcus Mentoring has been up to some big things lately, and we wanted to share some of those with you, the loyal members of our Fokcus community. We’ve started an effort to create virtual mentorship for startups and entrepreneurs out there beyond our weekly Tech School webinars. Most recently, we’ve recorded sessions with our own co-founders sharing … Read More

What’s the deal with confidentiality agreements?

Johanna RobinsonFinance, Legal, Product

On our most recent episode of Tech School, I spoke about legal basics for startup founders, and we touched briefly on confidentiality agreements. On the list of most-common-questions-we-get-asked are questions about confidentiality. Here’s our take on two aspects. 1. Should you worry about someone stealing your idea? No, you should not. 99.9999999% of people have better things to do than … Read More