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Cleaning out the garage over the weekend, I stumbled on a binder of notes from a class that covered some basic legal concepts. Even though the content is pretty straightforward, I learned a few non-obvious things, which I’ve outlined in the slides below. On the heels of Ido Tuchman’s Tech School talk last week on Monetizing Your IP, I thought it was perfect timing to share with you.

Building a brand is underestimated.

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Building a brand is underestimated.

A strong brand is a force to be reckoned with.

It reinforces who you are, and what makes you or your company unique.

For a startup or business, a brand can transcend the impact of a one single person, like a founder.

Take Apple for example.

Steve Jobs had a tremendous impact on Apple’s brand.

But what we think and know when we see an Apple logo today transcends the incredible impact Steve Jobs had on the company.

Even without Steve Jobs, Apple is a stronger company than it has ever been.

What does this mean for your business?

It means making your brand an important part of your business strategy.

A brand that supports everything your company does and stands for.

Create something special.

What are your thoughts on building a brand?

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